Battlefield 1942 on winex3


v1.02 07May 2003

1) Introduction

This guide aims to provide (semi-)comprehensive instructions for the successful installation of EA Games' Battlefield 1942 on winex3 (pay version).

This guide will (initally at least) simply pull together existing information.

This would be better hosted as part of the official Transgaming FAQ, and might end up there if I can find a way to do it...

I'll improve this guide as new info becomes available

Please send feedback/additions/corrections to mailto: bf_1942 AT

Thanks to TG forum user Less for the some of the best tips.

2) Prerequisites

Before tackling a BF1942 install, you need to have the following:

3) Installation

4) Troubleshooting

5) Known problems

6) Success stories

I've got a pretty stable, fast setup with the following:

DistroSuse 8.0 x86
glxgears~1700fps with default window size
Video cardNvidia GeForce 2 GTS Pro (32mb)
Video driversNvidia 1.0-3123
CPUAthlon 1700
RAM768mb PC2700
Winex versionWineX 3.0-1
Winex installed fromwinex3-3.0-1.i386.rpm
Playable resolution800x600 32bit
Video detail settings"Medium" plus some extra textures
Sound cardSB128 (ES1371)
Sound driversAlsa (alsa-0.9.0_cvs20020320-12)
Sound settingsdefaults, inc music
Frame rates50fps with no movement, 30fps with lots of action - the inner-city levels are much worse for me

7) Links

8) Screenshots